Sakshi Films International

Moving back to the old times, today's Sakshi Films International (S.F. international) was named as BKS Films in 1995. It was decided to start it as a small group performing plays on stage, Orchestras, albums, telefilms, films, etc.,  but nothing worked out in reality.
In 2005, the idea again started shaping in Rupesh Gurudas Halarnakar's mind and was renamed as Sakshi Films International (S.F. international / S.F.I.). Mr.Rupesh tried to approach many people for project sponsorships but nothing worked out.
Sakshi Films International finally succeeded in releasing its first project in 2008 after traveling a mile. S.F. International is still striving to make its mark in the Entertainment Industry. S.F. International is all set to release itself on a broader scale with a release of its new album: U R My Love-1.
Sakshi means witness or evidence. Sakshi Films International …The Entertainment Pariwaar !! is all set to witness the beginning of another Production House giving its audience, the new taste. It's a proud moment for Sakshi Films International as the long awaited dream is coming alive.